3 Questions, 3 Answers

Katharina, you were preparing the Young Forum for an entire year. Having spent five days with the participants, what did surprise you?

It was great to see the good group dynamics and to learn about so many visions of future pastors. It is obvious that there is hope for the churches in Europe.

Which vision did encourage you specifically?

Henk de Roest spoke about new ways of being church in times of decreasing membership and Sunday Service attendance. There are many ideas I want to take into my own parish. It would be great to organize a youth gathering on a European level.

Will there be another Young Forum?
I hope so. Ecumenical documents are important, but we need more encounters like this – with a huge variety of participants with different experiences and points of view.

Rev. Katharina Meckbach was working for one year in the Office of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe in Vienna. She just started working as parish pastor in Bischofsheim (Germany).

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  1. Dear all,

    This conference really came to me as a wonderful surprise! I enjoyed the conversations, lectures, informative country-presentations and, of course, the drinks and meals together.
    I imagine the field trip on Saturday was impressive too.
    Thanks to GEKE (CPCE) and Evangelischer Bund Hessen for organizing the conference.

    Our rector, prof. Mechteld Jansen and our international officer, Albert Nijboer, specifically asked me to ask you to consider studying a semester or a year in Groningen at the PThU. Vibrant old city (45000 students on a population of 160000), four different Master-tracks, one on Missional Communities. Read the info on our website, http://www.pthu.nl (english pages). If you are interested please contact me or directly contact Albert Nijboer. Several Erasmus possibilities too, see our international relationships. If I am correct, this April applications can be submitted. Hope to meet you again in Groningen or in one of your countries!
    Henk de Roest

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