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The Evangelischer Bund (Protestant League), as an association with its regional associations, is sponsoring the Confessional Institute Bensheim.
The Landesverband Hessen uses the Evangelische Orientierung (Protestant Orientation), which is published four times a year, and its annual sermon study, to promote theological education in church congregations and private individuals.
With exhibitions, lectures and conferences he participates in the social discourse. The Evangelical Alliance supports young theologians, for example through the Protestant University Award, the Werkstatt am Präbichl, a doctoral program and – quite new – a Theology Science Slam.
He looks beyond the Hessian and German borders and asks what role Protestantism plays in a future Europe. This third European dimension is the focus of the Evangelical Alliance Hessen.
In Hesse, he works closely with the Hessian national churches, with the Protestant Academy Frankfurt, the Protestant Forum Kassel, the Center Ecumenism and the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe.

In collaboration with the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, he organized and financed the conference for young theologians in Breslau.