Il futuro delle chiese

Nell’era delle “muesli religion” in cui ognuno ricerca, crea e reinventa le religioni al fine di renderle più aderenti alla propria sensibilità spirituale, che futuro possono avere le nostre chiese protestanti? Siamo ormai diventati dei fossili incapaci di trovare nuove vie di dialogo e incontro con le persone? Riusciremo a restare al passo coi tempi che cambiano senza tradire le nostre tradizioni e la nostra storia? Solo il tempo ce lo dirà, ma finché ci saranno persone che hanno voglia e desiderio di esplorare nuove vie (e di farlo assieme) le speranze non sono perse. Continue reading “Il futuro delle chiese”

Which way?


In almost every country there is a strong need to find new solutions to tackle the constant abandonment of churches. Sometimes to falsify numbers are the so-called “non-practicing believers”.
Young people, new generations are the future of our churches. It may seem obvious, but young people continue to defect the churches and there are not really good strategies to contain the phenomenon. Now we and our churches don’t know how to involve them more, make them protagonists and make them active and constant elements. What are the possible solutions? Difficult to answer but every church is chasing time, the society in constant change and the new generations just to find winning solutions.
It would perhaps be appropriate to include a percentage of young people in each assembly in order to give them training and to enable them to better understand every aspect of the church-world? Perhaps we must urge young people to find new words that express their relationship with God?
May our faith and our desire to communicate the Gospel be a reliable compass that shows us the right direction.

The next step?

New day, new debate.

 In the age of “muesli religion” in which everyone seeks, creates and reinvents religions in order to make them more adherent to their spiritual sensitivity, what future can our churches have? Have we now become fossils incapable of finding new ways of dialogue and meeting with people? Will we be able to keep up with the changing times without betraying our traditions and our history? Only time will tell us, but as long as there are people like us who want to explore new ways (and to do it together) hopes are not lost.

Thanks to all those who even today have asked themselves questions to find answers, answers capable of opening ourself to the future.