I want to reflect on our focus points

Our conference has come to an end and from this place I want to reflect on our focus points: Taking responsibility, giving hope, and being visible. Firstly, I came to realize that these three points are intensively interconnected. You could say for example that giving hope is about personal attitude, that being visible is about collective credibility, and taking responsibility is about societal honesty – these words all came up during our group work sessions. Secondly, we all agreed on the importance of the local communities. That is the specific place where people from different backgrounds are united in the faith. Only from thereon, we can start living this faith, in the way of our three focus points. Thirdly, I learned a lot about the importance of the latest confessions (i.e. Barmer Thesen, Leuenberger Konkordie) as boundary markers of European (or even worldwide) Protestantism in general. So in the coming weeks, am I going to read them for the first time in my life!