Christian Responsibilities in the light of Brexit

As we talk about responsibility, hope and visibility on the final full day of our conference, I am mindful that just two days ago we stood in front of Bonhoeffer, who wrote that we are only free in as much as we are ‘bound to the other’. (creation and fall, 1933).

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, a reality that is deeply painful for many of us, the Church must think again about our responsibilities in relation to the state.

We have taken EU law, such as human rights law, for granted, allowing the Church to assume the norms of love and justice as realities that are foundational our voice in society.

Tomorrow, these foundations will crumble. Christians, as well as others, will need to speak out for the values of love and justice, mandating a new constitutional framework which can ground our care for the other and, as such, our freedom.

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