Krzyżowa and Świdnica

During the course of the conference, we will explore the historic city centre of Wrocław and make excursions to Krzyżowa and Świdnica. Krzyżowa was the meeting place of the German resistance group “Kreisau Circle”. Now it is a modern conference centre. The aim of Krzyżowa is supporting peaceful and tolerant existence of nations, social groups, and individuals in Europe. Świdnica is located 8 km from Krzyżowa. In Świdnica we will visit the Church of Peace. It is named after the peace of Westphalia 1648 that permitted the Lutherans to build churches in the Roman Catholic Parts of Silesia.

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  1. It is great , that young protestant theologians are going to meet in Wrocław/Breslau – one of Reformation Cities of Europe – for now 500 years one of the strongest protestant centres of our continent.
    In Świdnica/Schweidnitz you are going to see maybe one of most beautiful protestant churches in the world.
    Since the Reformation (until 1945) the majority of the inhabitants of that region was protestant, but Silesia was ruled by the catholic Habsburgs at that time, so building of the Churches of Peace was for them a dream, that came true.

    See you in Wrocław

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