The next step?

New day, new debate.

 In the age of “muesli religion” in which everyone seeks, creates and reinvents religions in order to make them more adherent to their spiritual sensitivity, what future can our churches have? Have we now become fossils incapable of finding new ways of dialogue and meeting with people? Will we be able to keep up with the changing times without betraying our traditions and our history? Only time will tell us, but as long as there are people like us who want to explore new ways (and to do it together) hopes are not lost.

Thanks to all those who even today have asked themselves questions to find answers, answers capable of opening ourself to the future.


The conference is not only the forum to discuss whether the Protestant League could become an European movement and what the CPCE really is – finally we took the opportunity to test the beer as well.

Europe -an entity of minorities

Today the conference started. I am glad that all participants arrived well. In my opening of the conference I mentioned that Protestantism has to give many impulses to shape Europe. One of them is the experience of being a minority. And in Europe there are no majorities anymore, in Europe even big nations and institutions are not the majority. Europe is an entity of minorities. I am looking forward to the upcoming presentations and discussions.

The Forum started

From Rome to Amsterdam, from Le Havre to Tallinn. Young Theologians from all over Europe arrived today in Wroclaw in order to talk about “Being Protestant in Europe”. Students of Theology, young academic professionals and young pastors from different denominations form a diverse group with a lot of challenging ideas. The Forum started with presentations on the Protestant League (Evangelischer Bund) by Volkmar Ortmann and on the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) by Mario Fischer.