Alex Clare-Young

I am an ordinand training for ministry with the United Reformed Church (UK). I am currently completing an MPhil in Christian Theology, with a focus on transgender identities. As a trans-masculine person, I am passionate about the representation of transgender people in church and society. I am also keen to further theological and anthropological understanding of transgender identities. I want to share the love of God with all people, and want to witness to the possibilities of creation. In my spare time, I enjoy going on exciting walks with my dog, reading and writing, and exploring spirituality through art and music.

The Protestant Forum is an excellent opportunity for me to meet other young people who are engaging with theology in the contemporary public sphere. I am looking forward to talking to theologians from different contexts about their understandings of God and Church in general, but also more specifically about the positions of LGBT people and understandings of LGBT identities within their denominations. I also hope that my story will help those present to learn a little more about transgender people and our experiences/understandings of faith.