Benedikt Jetter

For many years, my heart is burning for ecumenism and the one Church of Jesus Christ. Therefore, my main motivation to participate in the Theological Forum is my ecclesiology. Experiences in studies, with manifold denominations and with lots of minority churches led to an engagement in CPCE, GAW & LWF (Global Young Reformers). My wish is to contribute to honest, emphatic and God-oriented church dialogue on a European or global level. Until April 3, 2018, I am serving as vicar/assistant chaplain in Wollkendorf/Vulcan/Volkány, a parish of the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania. This gives me the chance to get an insight into a smaller Protestant church in an multi-confessional and historically interesting context.

Coming from a conservative church background in Stuttgart, I have always experienced and tried to understand different styles of worship and being community. In this context, I am trying to be oriented towards conscientiousness, openness, carefulness, perseverance, honest and empathic listening and learning from, with and for each other.