Lea Strohfeldt

My name is Lea Strohfeldt. I live and study in Kiel in Northern Germany. After having been enrolled in theology for a few years now, the final examinations are right ahead of me. Afterwards, I plan on being trained to become a Lutheran pastor. I have always enjoyed traveling and getting to know cultures and places, which is one of the reasons I went abroad and studied in Perth, Western Australia for a while.

I am particularly interested in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue as I am convinced that mutual respect and appreciation are key elements to a peaceful society that is characterized by religious plurality. That the now biggest group in the society I live in does not identify with any denomination or religion raises new challenges for the churches. I am looking forward to exchanging thoughts with the participants of the conference and learning from their experiences. Hopefully, by the end of the Protestant Forum I will have met interesting people from different backgrounds and can fly home with a once again broadened mind.