Marcus Hütter

I am Marcus Hütter and 30 years old. I enjoy music and sports very much. I have played the guitar for almost 20 years and I sing a lot. Almost since I can remember I played soccer and I am always open to try out new sports.

My motivation for participating in the Protestant Forum arises from different reasons. First of all, the topic interests my because I startet my PhD two years ago in the field of systematic theology and my thesis is about diaspora theology. More specificly, I am writing about the concept of diaspora elaborated by the famous and very influencial Austrian theologian Wilhelm Dantine. According to him, diaspora is all about assuming responsibility, contributing to the finding of solutions for the problems of one´s environment and giving hope and the notion of true freedom to others. I am excited about the internationality of the conference. I was raised in Brazil, I have been travelling a lot and speak 5 languages, thus I am really looking forward to meeting and discussing with people in their mother tongues with their own particular views.