Marion Heyl

I am Marion Heyl, 32 years old, married and since 2013 pastor of the United Protestant Church of France. Born into a Christian family I grew up in an ecumenical environment. Before studying theology in Strasbourg and Montpellier, I completed a Master degree in political sciences. In the parish I am serving in Le Havre, I am particularly in charge of ecumenical and interreligious issues.
Participating in the Protestant Forum is a great opportunity for me because I consider it an enriching and encouraging experience to discuss theological issues and church realities with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, Protestantism in Europe as well as the European society itself are and will be facing important changes and challenges. How can church leaders cope with those changes and let the Gospel guide them when dealing with those challenges? It will be relevant and stimulating to work on those questions together – during but hopefully also after the Forum – and it will definitely be helpful in my own ministry.