17:00 Introduction – Dinner – First presentations

8:30 Morning Prayer
9:00 Keynote Gabriella Rácsok
“Postmodern religiosity from an Eastern European point of view”
11:15 Presentation of the participants
14:30 Wroclaw City tour
19:30 Evening lecture
“History of the protestant churches in Wroclaw through changing times”

7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Morning Prayer
9:00 Keynote Henk de Roest
“Transforming into Missional Communities. The Response of Local Churches in The Netherlands to a Changing Religious Landscape ”
11:15 Presentation of the participants
14:30 Keynote Daniel Lensky
“Is there a typical European Identity from a Worldwide Point of View”
19:00 Dinner at “Piwnica Swidnicka”, oldest restaurant in Poland

8:30 Morning Prayer
9:00 Impulses
10:00 Group work on the concepts of responsibilty, hope and visibility
12:00 Evaluation
14:00 Field trip to Krzyżowa (“Kreisau Circle”) and the Church of Peace at Swidnica
21:00 Worship with communion at the Christophoric Church

10:00 Visit of a service
11:00 Feedback and future prospect
13:00 Travel blessings