Conference Sibiu 2023

The second conference will take place in Sibiu/Romania from April 12th to 15th 2023. The topic is: Taking responsibility – giving hope – being visible

At this conference, we want to discuss where Protestant influences manifest themselves in our European societies and where Protestantism becomes visible. We will examine these issues with reference to a range of religious-sociological and ecclesiological approaches. At the same time, we shall also consider the point at which Protestantism can and should assume responsibility and what rays of hope it can offer to society. The conference thus aims to reveal the binding points of Protestantism in Europe. The conference is aimed especially at young theologians between the age of 25 and 35 from European countries, e.g. ministers, deaons, religious teachers, students of theology near their exam or in the qualification phase and pastors in training.

Sibiu is an important cultural and economic centre in Romania (approximately 150000 inhabitants), a well-known multicultural city in Transylvania, the geographical centre of Romania. It is famous for the medieval architecture in its old town, a legacy of the 12th century Saxon settlers. The city is surrounded by the remains of medieval walls and towers, including the 13th century Council Tower. Sibiu is a place where Romanian, Hungarian and German culture meet at every turn. It also bears the German name Hermannstadt and the Hungarian name Nagyszeben.

Since 2007 Romania is part of the European Union. In the same year, Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture, being the first city in Eastern Europe with this title. In September 2007 representatives of almost all Christian churches in Europe met in Sibiu at the Third European Ecumenical Assembly (“The Light of Christ Shines Upon All”). Today, Sibiu is home to the Orthodox Metropolis of Transylvania and its historically important Theological Faculty, to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Romania and its Theological Institute. Finally, the Centre for Protestant Theology in Eastern Europe, which is hosting the conference, is also based in Sibiu.

The Application for the conference is possible until March 15th 2023. In order to guarantee the diversity (male/female, land of origin, etc.) of the participants, the board of organizers will evaluate the applications once the application process is closed. Successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance. A conference fee of 50€ has to be paid before the start of the conference. During the conference, participants will be accommodated in a single room at the Evangelische Akademie in Sibiu. Travel costs will be reimbursed upon request.


12th April 2023 | Wednesday

16:00   Welcome – Evangelische Akademie
17:00   Introduction of participants and project partners
18:00   Keynote – PD Dr. Christine Schliesser
19:30   Dinner – Akademie

13th April 2023 | Thursday 
07:30   Breakfast – Akademie
08:45   Morning Prayer – Church
09:00   Country reports I
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Country reports II and conclusions
12:30   Lunch – Sibiu
14:00   Working on the Outputs
15:30   Coffee break
16:00   Field trip
19:00   Evening prayer – Main church
19:30   Dinner – Sibiu

14th April 2023 | Friday
07:30   Breakfast – Akademie
08:45   Morning Prayer – Church
09:00   Working on the Outputs
10:30   Exploratory stage: Different forms of Output possible
11:00   Working on the Outputs
12:30   Lunch – Akademie
14:00   More working on the Outputs
15:30   Coffee break
16:00   First draft of the Outputs
17:00   Meet’n’greet’n‘speak“ – Presentation of the Outputs
19:30   Dinner – Sibiu

15th April 2023 | Saturday  
07:00   Breakfast – Akademie
08:45   Morning Prayer – Church
09:00   Finalizing Outputs
10:00   Presentation of the final Outputs
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Conclusion
11:30   Evaluation of Conference
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