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Evangelical churches have a long tradition of participatory decision-making processes. Already at the beginning of the Reformation movement, a dynamized understanding of institutions was effective.

The present is massively characterized by the erosion of membership in political parties, churches and associations. But at the same time, new digital and analog participation formats are arising. Established institutional participation formats, such as parliaments and synods, are complemented by non-institutional activist movements. This leads a pluralization of public discourse and an emergence of new discourse spaces.

The Digital Academy brings together interdisciplinary experts, who will analyse different protestant cultures of participation in Europe and will discuss perspectives for a future Protestantism.

The Digital Academy will start with on 3 November 2022 with seven lectures every two weeks from 6 to 8 pm.

Priesthood of all believers
Dr. Adrian Schleifenbaum, Gießen 


Church and Diaspora – Participation in the Minority Situation
Marcus Hütter, Graz 


Who comes in? Who brings in what? Participation within the church
Präses Harald Geywitz, EKBO
Sandra Bills, MIDI/ CVJM-Hochschule Kassel


Shelter and advocate? – Church and minorities
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dietz, Marburg/Zürich 
Irène Schwyn, European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups 


Church and environmental protection
Dr. Elfriede Dörr, Sibiu 


From Diaconia to Philadelphia
Anne Sophie Wislocki 


Peaceethics – Protestant Perspectives
PD Dr. Christine Schliesser (Zürich) 
Dr. Dieter Baumann (Generalstab Swiss Army)



The date for a follow-up conference has already been set for 12-15 April 2023 in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania. Here you can register

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