On the way to Sibiu

“For us as Protestants, it is vital to participate in the public community.” With sentences like these, the theologian Adrian Schleifenbaum from Giessen opened the second Digital Academy of the Forum Young Theology in Europe. Only by participating in church and other social networks Protestants can share what they have, learn new things, celebrate life and ultimately put their theological insights into practice.

Volkmar Ortmann also says: “Participation is part of the DNA of Protestantism”. He is the head of the Forum Young Theology in Europe and the Digital Academy – seven digital lectures that took place from November to February under the theme of “Participation and Protestantism”. Ortmann is a private lecturer at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen and a member of the board of the Protestant League of Hesse. Every fortnight, 20 mainly young theologians from different European countries and churches met via Zoom vor the digital lectures.

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