Young theologians want to found network

At the Young Theology in Europe Forum conference ending in Vienna on 14 May 2022, participants dictated the idea of a network to continue after the conference. The young people want to deepen the connection between their churches on a practical level. In the end, a book is to be produced. The spokespersons of the 24-member group from twelve European countries are Vittorio Secco from Italy and Frederik Grüneberg from Germany.

Initially, the participants have connected in a WhatsApp group. As early as summer 2022, there is to be a first online meeting. Then, in autumn, an online lecture of the Forum for Young Theology Europe (FYTE) will start. In spring, they want to use the conference in Sibiu/Hermannstadt already planned by the Evangelical Federation of Hesse for their new network. And starting in 2024, there will be an annual meeting of the newly founded network.  

The annual meeting will be held every year in a different country, that will be the host of the others. The meeting is to allow the participants to visit the host church in its context, giving the opportunity to attend a worship in that tradition, but also to give a space for academical research, that can deepen the links and the relationship the history and experience of every church involved. This should lead the participant to collect all this researches in a publication for next generations.

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