Frederik Grüneberg

My Name is Frederik Grüneberg, I am 29 years old, I am from Germany and I am studying theology for diploma. Before I studied this, I have already studied Politcal Science and History and Theology of the Christianity for Bachelor. In my studies of Politcal Science I have written a Bachelor Thesis about Nationalism in South Africa after 1994. Some of the thoughts we’re based on my experience of a year in South Africa between school and University. The topic of Nationalism was also very presented in my school and Politcal comittment. I am a Person who is very aware of the danger of nationalism. As a Person who have lived in two different countries which a rich History and Present of Nationalism and visited a Lot of different countries the concept of cosmopolitanism is more suited for me. 

Therefore I am very interested in this conference and looking forward to the discussions and Outputs of this conference. 

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