Second Digital Academy on 3 November

Protestantism and Participation is the topic of the second part of the Forum Young Theology in Europe. It will start with a Digital Academy on 3 November 2022 with seven lectures every two weeks from 6 to 8 pm, followed by a conference in presence from 12-15 April 2023 in Sibiu, Romania. There the findings of the lectures will be deepened and specific output for the practice in school, parish, and civil society debates will be developed.

The Digital Academy is open for everybody who wants to learn more about Protestantism and Participation and who wants to discuss perspectives of Protestantism in Europe. The Forum Young Theology in Europe is aimed especially at young theologians e.g., ministers, deacons, religious teachers, students of theology near their exam or in the qualification phase and pastors in training. The preferred language is English and if papers are given in another language the presenters are asked to prepare an English summary.

Participants who register by 15 October 2022 and take part in all lectures will receive a certificate. Participation in the Digital Academy is not a prerequisite for attending the conference in Sibiu, but it is of course helpful.  

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